Hand Crafted Soy & Beeswax Candles

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   Clean Burning Candle   
Using a mixture of both soy and beeswax creates a longer lasting clean burning candle 

They're that good

Newest Scent: 
Cake Batter

This scent will tap into your guilty pleasures when in the kitchen whisking up a fresh cake. We all have been known to indulge in the remainders of whats been left behind on the bowl and mixer blades, the sweet nectar of cake batter. Once this scent fills up your home, you'll have no choice but to dive right into that bowl. Enjoy!!



Best Selling Scent:
Milk & Honey:

After having a long hard fought day, our milk and honey candles will remind you of that long overdue bath, the one with 10 candles lit and a bottle of wine next to you, long after the kids have gone to bed. With this scent of oatmeal, almonds, and honey mixed into one, you will definitely want to take the hair down and lather up. 


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